2 juli 2023
Kwartier 51 in Damme


Do's & Dont's

On the event

No drifting/ Burnouts / Pops and bangs / music:
When you receive your place, you stay at your place with the engine off.
If you want to play music or show of your car, ask our crew for permission to do so.


Groups / car clubs
If u come in group or want a reserved space to stand with your club. Ask our crew or send us a message in advance of the event. Please show up early.

Trunk Trade
Allowed in the trunk. Only Hot wheels and parts for Asian Cars. Need more space? Send an inquiry to info@letsgotokyo.be

Please leave your waste in the designated trashcans on the site.

Smoking / Ashes
Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Go outside and leave your cigarettes in the designated buckets

Toilet (WC)
Keep it clean for those who come next. Let us now if somethings occurs.

At the end

Please leave the venue nice and calm.

No burnouts, no drifting and don’t speed up at the exit to show off. We kindly remind you that it is very difficult to get all permissions for events like these and therefore the locations to get it organised.

Keep in mind that you may get busted… .